Virtual Credit Groups

Safely extend credit and help maximize profitability.

What Is It And How Does It Work?

ProfitGuard’s Virtual Credit Groups provide credit professionals in the metals and manufacturing industry with the business credit intelligence they need to safely extend credit and help maximize profitability through increased sales, improved cashflow, all while minimizing bad debts and write-offs.

PG’s Virtual Credit Network is an online platform for exchanging trade payment data within a professional, legal, anti-trust compliant environment. You can join one of PG’s existing industry networks below or suggest a new one.

Members can connect with other members to quickly learn about slowing or delinquent accounts, collection e­fforts, prompt paying customers, bankruptcy events, public company financials, change to Payment Quality (PQI) or other valuable trade information.

We accept trade data in any format, including what you may already provide to other credit bureaus.

  1. Copper & Brass Credit Network: Including copper and brass service centers, mills, platers, copper-based alloy producers, and others operating in the copper industry.
  2. Metal Recyclers Credit Network: Including recyclers, processors, dealers, merchants, consumers, and brokers of scrap metal including ferrous and nonferrous materials.
  3. Aluminum Producers Credit Network:  Including producers of primary aluminum or continuous cast aluminum sheet products, secondary alloy and ingot, and related products.
  4. Metal Service Center Credit Network: Including metal distributors, processors, and service centers.
  5. Steel & Manufacturers Credit Network: Including steel producers, manufacturers, and related suppliers.
  6. Foundry & Die Casting Credit Network: Including metal casters, foundry’s, and related suppliers.
  7. Manufacturer’s Credit Network: Including industrial manufacturers.
  8. Plastics Credit Network: Including producers, recyclers, processors, and related suppliers.
  9. Paper Products Credit Network: Including producers, recyclers, forest products, and related suppliers.
  • On-the-fly references
  • Payment scores and credit exposure trends
  • Trade payments benchmarking
  • Free basic risk monitoring and bankruptcy alerts
  • Access to PG’s credit profiles and Analyst Guidelines*

*Subscription fees apply

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