Monitoring Credit in Seattle, WA

Monitoring Credit Near Seattle, WA

While monitoring the credit of your customers near Seattle is an important aspect for your business, there are other aspects of your business that require your attention. And monitoring credit can become a full time job in some situations. If you need to keep an eye on a customer’s credit but don’t have the time to diligently do so yourself, turn to ProfitGuard. We offer credit monitoring services that will keep a constant eye on your customers’ credit. As soon as there is something that could put you at risk, we will let you know.

Expert Customer Credit Monitoring Near Seattle, WA

Even if you personally check in on your customers’ credit each day, you still may not have the same access to information that we do. We get our credit monitoring information near Seattle, WA from a variety of relevant sources, including financial information, our expert analysts’ insight, credit ratings, and much more. This allows us to know exactly what’s going on with a business’s credit, and we check on it every single day. So, whether a customer is a high credit risk, they mean a lot of exposure for you business, or for another reason, we have your back.

When Will You Be Alerted About a Customer’s Credit?/h3>

When we’re tasked with credit monitoring of a business, we do periodic reviews that we alert you of, but we also alert for other specific reasons. If your customer’s credit rating changes or is affirmed by a credit committee or our credit experts, you’ll know. If we receive new financial information about them, you’ll be alerted. If a risk situation comes up, we’ll let you know right away. Even if their payment behavior changes from their usual pattern, we’ll warn you about it. We send credit monitoring alerts near Seattle to our clients whenever something important comes up in our daily monitoring, so you’ll never be left in the dark.