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In a fast moving and constantly evolving business environment, effective credit risk management can be immensely challenging. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone.

Our Story

ProfitGuard, the only service offering analyst reviewed credit limit recommendations and active risk monitoring support exclusive to your industry.

During a significant industry downturn in 2000, a clear need arose for a credit advisory and monitoring service that would help metals and manufacturing companies of all sizes better manage risk. Up to that point, there was nowhere to turn for industry specific support. Our sister company, Global Commercial Credit, the premier credit insurance brokers in the metals sector, capitalized on their extensive industry knowledge, relationships and ever-expanding credit files and launched ProfitGuard.

We developed a unique process for combining expert credit analysis, proprietary financial information, industry knowledge, perspective on credit insurance markets, extensive third party information resources and historical default data into a valid and reliable risk model. Our proprietary risk model has been back tested to assure our clients can count on it for scores that indicate default probability and likely payment performance. No other firm can match this capability.

Flash forward over 20 years later and PG is proud to provide clients with the next generation in credit risk management. Our new cloud-based platform provides one-stop resources to get essential credit information, view recommended credit limits, exchange trade information, see how your customers are paying others and have key accounts monitored. Leveraging the latest technology, our user-friendly platform is unlike any other product available.

As a trusted and respected go-to resource for credit risk guidance, we are proud to say over 95% of our clients renew each year. Our analyst and service teams provide unmatched support when our clients need us most. For companies of any size from small firms to major multi-national producers, processors and service centers, PG has the ability to customize a credit risk management solution for all situations.

What Makes Us The Best Partner

ProfitGuard is the leading provider of business credit information to the Industrial Sector in North America.


For almost two decades, PG has provided essential credit limit guidance and helped support our clients’ sales by monitoring key accounts for changes in the risk. Nothing beats experience and at PG, there is a wealth of metals sector credit expertise. Our analyst team has over 90+ years of combined hands-on experience in credit and in the industrial segment.


Our analysts also possess formal credit and finance educations, including advanced degrees, along with intimate knowledge of the industry food chain. PG’s combination of credit expertise and industrial specialization assures you have the best possible resources to support your credit management needs.


PG has built strong relationships with senior management across a broad range of key industry participants. These bonds have allowed PG to build significant confidential credit files, many with detailed financial information on privately held companies. At present, we have active credit files on over 2000 private companies and this grows daily. Our ability to interface at the senior management level helps our analysts gain insights that are critical to understanding the full risk picture. We enjoy great, long-standing relationships with a majority of the high profile companies in the industry and continue to invest in expanding our network to better serve our clients.

Track Record

PG’s experience, knowledge, and contacts equal an unmatched ability to assess credit risk. Our efforts have led to the development of proprietary risk models that have proven to be valid and reliable predictors of default and payment performance. PG continues to be consistently ahead of developing risk issues with timely credit score changes, limit guidance, and our analyst commentary. We see what others miss. By following our guidance, over 90% of our clients avoided credit losses in the 358 plus bankruptcies that occurred since 2007 in the metals and manufacturing sector.

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