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Additional Credit Services

ProfitGuard offers various additional services that can help you better manage the credit function. We have partnered with several companies that have expertise in specific areas and are willing to help PG clients.

Atradius Collections, Inc

What is it and how does it work?
ProfitGuard has partnered with Atradius Collections, Inc. and our relationship with the company allows us to offer their services at our negotiated rates that are usually only available to fortune 1000 companies.  To initiate a collection, please contact us at

Background of Atradius Collections.
With it’s U.S. headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois, Atradius Collections is centrally located to handle all of your domestic collection needs. In addition Atradius collections has over 21 collection centers located through out the globe to handle your international needs. Not sales offices but collection centers with over 80 years of collection experience and over 300 collection specialist to meet your needs. As a part of the Atradius Group they give you the security of knowing you are working with a multi-billion dollar company with an investment rating from Standard & Poor’s. Your placement dollars are secure with Atradius.

ABC-Amega, Inc.:

What is it and how does it work?
ProfitGuard has partnered with ABC-Amega, Inc. and our relationship with the company allows us to offer their services at our negotiated rate to current PG clients.
To initiate a collection, please contact us at

Background of ABC-Amega, Inc.
Headquartered in Buffalo, New York USA, ABC-Amega Inc. is a respected global receivable management firm providing a full range of credit-to-cash solutions for clients around the world.

With offices in China, Korea, Europe and the United States, ABC-Amega has a proven track record of successfully helping commercial creditors manage their receivables, wherever they are located.

ABC-Amega's services help clients improve effectiveness, increase efficiency, and gain better control of the receivable process - ultimately saving time and money and improving revenue and cash flow.

gcc logoProfitGuard’s sister company, Global Commercial Credit (GCC), is the premier specialty broker of domestic and export credit insurance. GCC not only specializes in the industrial space but they are a one stop shop for accounts receivable insurance in all sectors. As a leading credit insurance broker, GCC represents all of the carriers who specialize in this unique coverage. With one application, they can shop the entire market for you and help you sort through the pros and cons of each to find the ideal custom tailored trade credit insurance solution for your needs.

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Credit Protect is a Put Option program offered by PG.

A Put Option is an effective tool to help you continue to sell to a buyer(s) representing significant credit risk concerns or deal with a concentration issue with an investment grade customer. With the risk removed from your balance sheet, you are able to continue with the relationship until the credit risk improves or it no longer represents a concentration issue allowing you to realize your original revenue projections and / or increase market-share. It can also help you maximize borrowing availability under your existing bank line.

This program involves a non-cancelable contract whereby the option seller agrees to buy qualifying accounts receivable at a pre-determined amount if your protected customer(s) goes Insolvent during the contract period. The protection would be provided by a financially strong counterparty.

PG can coordinate a Put Option with other forms of receivables management, such as factoring or portfolio based credit insurance. One of our credit risk management specialists will provide complete support and guidance to help you develop the ideal custom tailored solution for your needs.

Protection is available for public and liquid private companies for a term of 6 months up to 5 years.

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