Credit Alert Service

Complacency is a credit professional's worst enemy.

Premium Credit Alert Service

ProfitGuard’s platform brings business credit data together from multiple resources, credit ratings, financial information, analyst insight, and intelligence from the PG Credit Network and delivers it in a faster, more user-friendly format.

The Premium Credit Alert Service is a continuous account monitoring service for companies considered to be a high credit risk, represent a significant exposure, or any other reason you choose to monitor them. When you place a customer account on Premium Alert, a PG analyst will be assigned to the debtor and will monitor the account daily for any risk changes to the credit profile.

PG Credit Alerts are typically sent when our analysts and/or credit committee either upgrades, downgrades, or affirms a company’s credit rating. This update details the risk profile reviewed and the outcome of our rating assessment. Typical reasons you might receive an analyst alert include but are not limited to, a periodic review, PG secured updated financial information, change in payment behavior, or we learn of a risk situation that impacted the company’s risk profile.

On a more frequent basis you will receive other system generated credit alerts to keep you abreast of all important news whether it changes the credit risk or not. These alerts can be viewed in your portfolio view when logged into the PG platform. PG Premium Alerts consistently outperform competitors when it comes to alerting you to an imminent default.

The Basic Credit Alert Service is a free monitoring service that is included with any client participating in the PG Trade Data Exchange program. In exchange for providing PG with monthly trade data on your customers, we will establish all accounts included in your trade file on our basic alert monitoring. This includes system-generated alerts only. Learn more.

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Our Analyst Guideline is a great starting point to help you set a credit limit, so you know the risk before you ship.

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