Credit Reports

Our Analyst Guideline is a great starting point to help you set a credit limit, so you know the risk before you ship.

What We Offer

Our Credit Reports provide instant access to our credit database and the option to request a full credit assessment by an experienced analyst.

Each credit report profile includes essential information including our predictive payment and risk scores, trade payments data, operational history, public financials, 3rd party credit data, suits, liens, judgments, and other critical information you need to make fast and effective credit decisions.

If you request an analyst guideline, the report will include the results of our full 360-degree credit assessment that includes the above credit info and our valuable analyst commentary. Our analysts gather buyer risk information from the source and from market-derived relationships. We then perform a comprehensive review at the entity, parent, and ultimate parent or equity sponsor level – considering all cross-relationship credit risks to formulate our credit rationale. This information is then analyzed from a financial, business, industry, and management risk perspective.

Go beyond credit scores and get answers. Our commentary links both quantitative and qualitative data together, providing the user with an easy to comprehend credit summary that allows you to make well-informed business credit decisions.

  • Company Overview – Includes business description, history, operations, structure, ownership, etc.
  • PG Score – Predicts likelihood of default within the next 12 months
  • Payment Quality Score (PQS) – Predicts how you can expect to be paid
  • Calculated Credit Limit – Automated model generated credit limit
  • Analyst Assigned Guideline – Credit limit assigned by our analysts
  • Trade Payment Data - Industry specific payment experiences, payment patterns
  • PG Commentary – Analyst opinion and rationale for the credit limit assigned
  • Public Information - Suits, liens, judgments, UCC, bankruptcy, etc.
  • Financial Information - Most recent 4 years of financial data and ratios
  • Third Party Data - Ratings Agencies, Leveraged Loan Info, Distressed Debt
  • Perform a risk assessment before entering into a new business deal.
  • Provide support for your decision on how much to sell.
  • Set appropriate credit limits and determine if limit increases are justified.
  • Set creative terms to help win business.
  • Update credit files of current customers.
  • Uncover and identify risk items.
  • Assist in obtaining Credit Insurance coverage.

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Our Analyst Guideline is a great starting point to help you set a credit limit, so you know the risk before you ship.

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