Through ProfitGuard’s exclusive network of industry suppliers, you can access powerful trade payment experiences in real time, in a secure, anti-trust compliant environment. The PG network is different in that it allows you to contribute trade data anonymously or by company name – giving you the flexibility.

Your participation unlocks tremendous value, which makes the Trade Data Exchange feature one of the most powerful tools in your PG subscription. When customers know you report trade data to ProfitGuard, you may see an improvement in the timeliness of payments.

With ProfitGuard’s Trade Data Exchange Program, you receive the following benefits:

Basic Alerts: Receive free risk monitoring on shared payment experience accounts. Alerts include, changes in payment behavior, notice of delinquency risk, and bankruptcy filings among others.

Access to PG Credit Network: View trade information from other PG users and trade contributors.

Portfolio Data: Gain access to payment trends, benchmarking, Payment Quality Index (PQI) Scores, overall risk exposure and more from our Portfolio Dashboard.

Payment Data: Uncover poor customer payment practices

Invoice Labels: Use PG's brand to let customers know you report your payment experiences to ProfitGuard to get paid faster.  We will provide an electronic logo sticker you can use on your invoice templates.


You can learn more about ProfitGuard’s Trade Data Exchange Program and how to report trade data using the PG platform through the following resources:

Top 5 Reasons to Contribute Trade Data document

Trade Data Exchange Program Brochure

PG Trade Data Exchange Techsheet

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