Learn what PG does when you place a company on the Credit Alert Service  

Alert monitoring services are not all created equal. With PG, each company placed on Credit Alert is assigned to a financial analyst who actively monitors, evaluates, and identifies the changing credit risk of that entity, its end markets, and the segment of the industry it operates in.

We are proactive in our approach, we not only monitor numerous credit information sources, we reach out to the risk (buyers and counterparties), to better understand what is happening in real time, hence uncovering early warning signals.

Complacency is common in credit management and it can manifest itself in the form of inadequate monitoring of old and familiar customers, dependence on oral information versus reliable financial data, optimistic interpretation of known credit weaknesses, and ignoring warning signs.

With PG’s credit alert service, you can trust the information has been validated, minimize credit risk, and avoid a potential credit loss altogether.

View our Credit Alert Fact Sheets:

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2. Bankruptcies Nobody Saw Coming

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4. Basic vs. Premium Alert Services

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