In an industry where over 80% of trade is conducted on open account terms, it’s surprising that so little analysis goes into credit and avoiding bad debt until it’s too late.

In today’s global business environment it is imperative that companies manage credit risk and have a sensible, structured credit policy.

For too long, too many of them have set credit limits in a disorganized, fragmented fashion. They have either used outdated methodologies, such as how the customer pays or personal relationships, or perhaps no method at all.

At ProfitGuard, we believe understanding credit risk and the credit function in your business is the key to sustainable growth. ProfitGuard’s simple annual subscription based program gives you the ability to custom tailor our decision support services around your specific needs. For a fraction of the cost of other services or additional in-house staff, you can put the industry's leading credit risk analysts to work for you.

The PG service provides you the ability to order credit reports, request an analyst guideline (credit limit recommendation), ask an analyst opinion, or monitor your more at risk customers.

ProfitGuard also offers a credit focused newsletter. The newsletter includes commentary on high risk companies, bankruptcy news, industry trends and outlooks, and credit risk management tools.



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Learn more about PG's subscriptions and pricing. In addition to standard subscriptions, we can custom tailor a program to fit your exact needs.


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