ProfitGuard is the leading provider of business credit information to the metals industry in North America.

PG assists its clients in managing trade credit risk with valuable credit analysis, credit risk ratings, recommended credit limits, and risk monitoring of their customer portfolios. With PG's information service, companies are able to make more informed credit decisions, minimize bad debt losses, and more effectively manage credit risk to remain competitive in today's rapidly changing marketplace.

History and Background

ProfitGuard was formed in 2000 to address the growing need for objective credit risk management in the metals industry. Initial efforts were focused on creating a statistically reliable risk model that would be a valid predictor of default probability and payment quality. This risk model has become the primary foundation for the PG Credit Score and Default Risk Scores that our clients rely on every day in making credit decisions.

ProfitGuard Today

ProfitGuard is home to one of the fastest growing and largest metals industry specific databases of information that directly relates to credit risk. ProfitGuard is a well-known name in the industry and remains the only credit reporting service that is dedicated exclusively to servicing the unique credit needs of the metals industry in the United States and Canada. We are proud to have close to a 95% client retention rate and continue to welcome new clients to our service regularly.

How PG Stands Apart

We have a team of experienced commercial credit analysts, with strong financial backgrounds, trained in the metals industry. All PG reports, ratings, and credit limits are reviewed and approved by our analysts. A key strength is in our ability to obtain financial data on privately held companies.

The foundation of our credit risk management program, our proprietary risk model, incorporates credit information from a wide variety of resources. This information is then analyzed from a financial, business, industry, and management risk perspective. Various credit metrics are then aggregated into our “Score Cards” which assist our analytical team in calculating our ratings. PG performs comprehensive reviews at the entity, division, parent, and ultimate parent or equity sponsor level – considering all cross relationship credit risks to formulate our credit rationale.

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