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What You Don't Know...

Scrap Magazine—Jan/Feb 2014—By Jason Dworin & Vic Sandy

Extending credit to customers has become risky business in today's scrap markets-and not just when exporting.


Managing Credit Risk in Scrap Recycling

Recycling Product News—March 2013—By Jason Dworin

Considering today's challenging global economic environment it is vital to understand the financial and credit risk your company faces.


Worth the Risk?

ProfitGuard—January 2010—By Vic Sandy

Industry word of mouth is not likely to provide enough substance for genuinely effective credit risk management.


Credit Risk...Worth A Second Look?

ProfitGuard—May 1st, 2005—By Jason Dworin

The biggest concern today is automotive suppliers, which have been experiencing weak demand, high raw material costs, and shrinking margins.


Revisiting Credit Risk

Scrap Magazine—March/April 2004—By Jason Dworin

Yes, markets have improved, but don't become complacent about credit risk. This advice can help you prevent credit losses in good times and bad.


High Anxiety: Managing Credit Risk

Scrap Magazine—November/December 2002—By Craig Bonnell

If You Aren't Actively Managing Your Company's Credit Risk, You're Running The Risk Of a Catastrophic Loss, Even Bankruptcy.


Wary banks apply brakes on lending to industry

AMM News Article—New York, Oct. 25, 2002—By Chris Evans

The $600-million collapse of Allied Deals Inc. has proved to be the final straw for many lenders to the metals industry in the United States--banks that are now shutting down, scaling back or renegotiating with customers they once courted as attractive business prospects.


Credit Risk Will Keep Plaguing Metals

Platts Metals Week—Washington, Sept. 23, 2002

Credit risk will remain a threat to metals companies even if metal prices recover and the industry regains more profitability...


Some Suppliers Escape Kaiser Ch. 11 Dive

AMM News Article—New York, Feb. 15, 2002—By Edward Worden

The IOUs that Kaiser Aluminum Corp. accumulated right up to its Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection filing were formidable, but some scrap suppliers and others were given a heads-up and got paid before debts were frozen.


Customer Credit Ratings Key For Purchasers

AMM News Article—New York, Dec. 27, 2002—By Edward Worden

In troubled or uncertain economic times, metal purchasers keep a close eye on inventories, and pay even more attention to credit worthiness of customers.


Credit Risk in The Scrap Industry

The U.S. metals sector is bearing the brunt of a "perfect economic storm" without truly knowing as yet whether the nation's economy will suffer a soft or hard landing.


Scrap Insurer Offers Credit Alert Service

Tough times in the markets make scrutiny especially important.


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