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The Credit Limit Advisory report is ideal when making any credit decision. Go beyond credit scores and get answers. This service will help you validate your credit decisions so you can ship confidently and have the ammunition to say no.



  • Credit Limit Recommendation - Customized to your specific situation
  • Default Score - Probability of default within the next 12 months
  • Credit Risk Score - Determine suggested terms
  • Company Description - Products/Services offered, unique capabilities, history, industries served, and areas of operation
  • Detailed Credit Evaluation - Description of the creditworthiness, financial analysis, macroeconomic effects, explanation of positive/negative credit events, recommendation on credit terms, and outlook
  • Company Information - Control year, structure, and ownership
  • Payment Information - Metal specific payment experiences, payment patterns
  • Legal Information - Suits, liens, judgments, bankruptcy
  • Financial Information - Most recent available within 18 months, liquidity, debt, outlook, etc.
  • Credit News - Recent news that impacts credit risk
  • Third Party Data - S&P, Moody's, D&B, Experian, LexisNexis, Edgar, AMM, Platts


  • Perform a risk assessment before entering into a new business deal.
  • Provide support for your decision on how much to sell.
  • Set appropriate credit limits and determine if limit increases are justified.
  • Set creative terms to help win business.
  • Update credit files of current customers.
  • Uncover and identify risk items.
  • Assist in obtaining Credit Insurance coverage.
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March 2017:

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