The CLA is a great starting point to help you set a credit limit so you know the risk before you ship.

The Credit Limit Advisory report (CLA) is a credit report that provides a “snapshot” in time of the company’s risk profile.

These reports provide an advised credit limit based on what our analysts conclude as well as customary credit data such as legal info, entity background, payment experience, years in business, and most importantly our credit rationale. This report is often a starting point and part of our client’s credit policy or process for setting credit limits, periodic reviews, identifying risk items, new business, etc.

The Credit Limit Advisory report is ideal when making any credit decision. Go beyond credit scores and get answers. This report links both quantitative and qualitative data together, providing the client with an easy to comprehend credit summary that allows you to make well informed business credit decisions. The goal of this service is to provide decision support that includes suggested credit terms and a recommended credit limit.

All PG reports are reviewed and approved by our analysts, experienced in the metals sector. We gather buyer risk intelligence from the source and from market derived relationships. We then perform a comprehensive review at the entity, parent, and ultimate parent or equity sponsor level – considering all cross relationship credit risks to formulate our credit rationale. This information is then analyzed from a financial, business, industry, and management risk perspective. PG uses a proprietary Credit Risk Model. Our Standards dictate credit limit approval levels based on requisite information we secure.

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March 2017:

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