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The Credit Alert monitoring service's goal is to uncover early warning signs of default and present that to you as risk changes. You will be armed with the information you need to take action. The Credit Alert Monitoring service will give you time to proactively reduce, hedge, or eliminate exposures.



  • Up-to-the-minute news and relevant information on selected key accounts automatically emailed to you.
  • Alert Reports when significant risk changes occur.
  • Explanation of what has changed the risk.
  • Explanation on why the risk has changed.
  • Expert recommendations on how to proceed.
  • Quarterly and/or Semi-Annual reviews.
  • All information included in Credit Limit Advisory reports.*


  • Stay abreast of company changes through automatic email alerts.
  • Monitor changes of High Exposure accounts.
  • Stay on top of Risky accounts.
  • Check for improvements of potential customers.
  • Track the competition.
  • Watch the risk where Credit Insurance coverage is limited or not available.
  • Maintain healthy cash flow by monitoring potential credit risks.
  • Reduce your exposure to bad debt.
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March 2017:

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